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Monday, October 28, 2019

My Portrait Start

This is my lovely niece, Bethanne.  She was married last year and I asked her if I could do a portrait of her as a gift.  Because she lives in California, it took a while for us to get together but a couple of months ago, she came to visit my sister who now lives near me.  We did a photo shoot and I did a very short life study..and now I am finally getting started on her portrait.  I thought I might post my progress.  I have been studying portraiture more and this is part of my journey-to get more proficient at portraiture and perhaps explore better figurative paintings in the future.  I have some ideas that I want to pursue and so this year, while I'm taking this break from shows and the stress related to that, I hope to explore some of those I'm just getting started in these respects...

I'll be working more on the drawing tomorrow and until I get the drawing correct and then start with the shapes of color...I am somewhat happy with this start but the drawing I can see needs some work...thanks for reading.

The Beginning Drawing 16x12

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