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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Blender Guru and The Habits of Effective Artists

I've painted lots of portraits in the past sometimes coming up with some decent pieces (sometimes by luck!) but it hasn't been a priority and those have been then I find when I do start one I struggle with it.  One goal I have this year is to become more proficient at portraiture which consists of painting a lot from life.  While the portrait of my niece (see below) is from a digital photo, it's practice.  After the first of the year..or sooner if possible, I will be hiring a model weekly.  

I've been listening to a guy on YouTube...on the Blender Guru channel.  Blender is an animated art site.  Lots of animation and how to do it (which I'm not interested in) but this particular guy talks about really concrete things you can do to improve your skill in anything... If you are interested, the title of the Youtube video (30 minutes) is The Habits of Effective Artists.   I highly recommend it.  

This video has encouraged me that I am on the right track by taking a step back.  If you watch it and are trying to achieve something or go in a different direction, I hope it will inspire you as well.

So because of this guy in the video I have signed up for an online course..something I've never done before but I figure it's cheaper, I can stay at home and study this portrait painting process and have the materials for a really long time so that I can go back to it as I can or need to...I figure it's part of that concentrated learning he talks about in the video.  It's not easy to get that in a a workshop..a workshop is so limited.  I figure this way I can learn at my own pace and relearn it if I have to.

I'm hoping this year will cement these skills into my head so that portrait painting will become as second nature as my still life paintings have become.

Each day, whatever happens, I am so thankful to be able to do this.  

BTW. Here's my progress on the portrait.  It's not there yet...drawing issues I think but I'm hoping Bethanne likes it when I am finished.  The first pic is yesterday and the second is today.  Upward and Onward.

Cheers and have a wonderful Weekend...


A Little Progress today

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