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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

One Day Left for Fall Creek!

Fall Creek. 8x8
Oil on board
Current Bid is $100.

Just a friendly reminder that there is only one day left to bid on Fall Creek if any of you out there in Internet land are interested...
And only 3 days left to bid on many of there other paintings available...

Thank you for bidding and looking!

Nestled in the Bluebonnets
12 x 12 oil on panel
Current Bid is 150.00

At Home in Montana
oil on linen canvas board
Current Bid is $165.00

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Corrections Made to Auction

Friends,  Thank you so much to Kathy and Sue who inquired about paintings that are in the Auction but I had not listed yet...I have corrected that and now all paintings are currently on auction beginning today.  If you would like to take a look...the link to that page is below or you can bid from the links on this page below each painting.  Thanks for bidding!!

Just a Kid 9x12
 Starting Bid is $100.

Daisies 6x6
Starting Bid $75

"Fall Creek". 8x8
Starting Bid $100.

Single Rose. 6x6
Starting Bid 50.

At Home in Montana. 11x14
Starting Bid is $150.

Never Forgotten 8x10
Starting Bid is 75.

Orange Cream 6x8
Starting Bid is $50

Michigan in the Fall  11x14
Starting Bid is 100.

Lilies 12x9
Starting Bid is $100

Shasta Daisies 12x9
Starting Bid is $75

Music Hour 9x12
Starting Bid is 100.

Nestled in Bluebonnets 12x12
Starting 150.00

At Home in Montana. Day 3 Auction

Day 3 Auction Piece. Starting Bid is $150.00

"At Home in Montana"
Oil on birch.
  11x14 in

This landscape is a photo that I took on a trip my husband and I took to Montana a couple of years ago.  It's a really beautiful state.  I took as many photos as I could because I wasn't able to paint as much as I'd would have liked to... 

Monday, July 23, 2018

Nestled in the Bluebonnets...and old vintage car.

Day #2 Auction Piece

Nestled in the Bluebonnets
oil on gessoed panel  12x12

This painting is called Nestled in the Bluebonnets. I was out painting with several friends...we had driven to Ennis Texas to see and paint the bluebonnets last spring because they were plentiful in 2017...I found this vintage car parked right in the middle of this mass of wildflowers so we stopped and asked permission to paint. It was a great day..Starting bid is only $150 for this really nice piece.

See upcoming auction items at my website:

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Cool Summer Auction and Hot Happenings!

Cool Summer Auction and Hot Happenings!!

I hope you are staying for us, well, we live in Texas and the temps have been upwards toward 110 this week~It's HOT!

I am conducting an online auction. Each painting will be up for auction for ten days only.  There are 12 paintings in the auction and I'll be putting one or two up each day until the auction is over. The paintings you see on this page are among them...You can see the others I'll be listing if you check out my website which I have redesigned at Some of these are small, some are larger but they are all nice pieces. Thank you in advance for bidding...!

My first piece is called "Fall Creek", an 8x8 plein air piece I did on location near my home near Granbury, TX while standing out in the middle of the water...

Fall Creek  8x8  oil on panel

I have a ton of other "happenings" and fun things going on as is a brief summation...but you can see more at "events" on my website.
If you are in the area, please come out and say hello.

Going on now-Oil Painters of America Salon Show, Traverse City, MI
August 22-Sept 1. Estes Park Plein Air event, Estes Park, CO (I'll be painting on location)
August 1 - Haggin Museum Show AWA show Stockton, CA
October 6, Guest Artist Ft. Worth Stockyards Quickdraw (I'll be demonstrating)
April 30-May3, 2019 Two Rivers Plein Air (invited guest artist) I'll be painting out on location.

Take care and thank you in advance for purchasing one of these nice pieces!