Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Morning Roses 7x5

Morning Roses 7x5

Wow is life busy.  I almost made the mistake of saying, particularly if you have a family, but I know that isn't necessarily the case.  If you live in today's world and are trying to make a living-whether you have a family or not, you are most probably as busy as I am.  I so would like to move from Houston and have a cottage in the country with a lovely studio!  I am praying for that for the future.  Right now, today, though...I painted.  Yeah.  Here is the painting I produced and I hope you like it.  It is up for bid and this is the first of just a few paintings that I have left to finish my 50/50 project.  I will be counting today to see what I need to do to finish but I think it's about 10...I'll be trying to get these online and up for sale between now and Christmas.  Take care out there!  And as always, thanks for letting me in on your cyber world.  

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hi Friends!  These are both plein air studies of the Louisiana bayou.  I've painted in this spot for several years in a row and no matter how many times you paint this spot, it's always different.  That's one of the great things about painting on location in my mind-trying to capture that particular moment in time that will never be again....  Monet gave us a glimpse of this when he painted his water lilies on different days under all kinds of light conditions and situations.  His hay bales also were painted over and over again while he examined color and light.  I try to remember some of the things he said:

 Paint what you really see, not what you think you ought to see; not the object isolated as in a test tube, but the object enveloped in sunlight and atmosphere, with the blue dome of Heaven reflected in the shadows. (Claude Monet)

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Approaching Sun 9x12

Morning Shower  8x10

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Going Going Gone!

Going, Going, Gone!

Well Hi Everyone,  As the name of this post implies, I have been going, going, going.  Wow.  Time to stay home and get some things done here.  The following are studies that I have done on recent plein air trips.  What a great opportunity to be able to paint outside in the open air.  Whenever I look at these studies, I can remember the exact time of day, the way I felt, the smells, the sounds, the wonderful encounters with people and otherwise....(critters).  The top painting is the beautiful Louisiana bayou as was the last study of the marsh.  The middle study (not the greatest photo) was from the Teton Valley near a place called Moose Creek.  The weather that day could not decide on whether to be cloudy, rainy, or sunny so I stuck with the first thing I got when I set up to paint, cloudy with sprinkles.  I wore my friend Kathy's bear bells that day....and was on constant lookout for them.  They are everywhere.  There is some discussion between locals there whether the bear bells let the bears know you are there and to stay away from humanoids or whether they send the message...'hm there is a human around with backpack and food!'.  So I kept my eyes pealed.  :)  Next week I'll be working on 'tweaking' some of my other studies done last month and also I will start to post my small works to finish off my 50 / 50 project..just in time for Christmas.  Thanks as always for allowing me into your digital life via this blog!
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Catch of the Day 9x12

Moose Creek and Bears! 12x9

Slight Overcast 8x10