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Friday, September 16, 2011

Summer Music

Summer Music 12x24 oil on linen

A Big Thank you to those that leave comments.  You don't know how much they matter to me and how much they are appreciated.  All I can say is thank you.  This painting is larger and so not for auction.  It will be taking a trip to Atlanta for the annual AWA (American Women Artist's Association) show which will open at the Huff Harrington Gallery on October 14.  If any of you live in that area and would like to attend, I would love to meet you.  The opening is that Friday evening at 6 pm.  Please come and introduce yourself.  Fortunately, my sister lives in Atlanta so I have 2 reasons to visit my sis and also to go to the show.

Thanks for visiting my blog!  Have a wonderful weekend.
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My 50/50 thingy....will continue.  I have about 10 paintings to go to finish this and will be posting another 5 x 5 this weekend sometime.


  1. Sarah Morrow/ AM

    What a beautiful painting. I love the way you incorporate your collectibles in your paintings. I am also enjoying your 50/50 painting project. -Sarah