Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Tangerines and Cream

Tangerines and Cream  6x6
I'm tired.  Long day and long few days and not enough time to paint!!!  Ugh.   Life is busy and it seems that too often it's painting that goes by the wayside unless I just absolutely let a lot of things go which I plan to do in the next few days.   It's also difficult with so many distractions to really produce work that you are proud of.  For those other artists out there I am sure you feel the same way sometimes.  But I have decided to just post what I am really very happy with.  That's why you haven't heard from me in a few days.   But I figure if it takes me a year to finish my project, I'll be practicing and that was the idea in the first place....on a brighter note, this is my 34th study.  Thanks for hangin' in there with me!!  :)


  1. Just thinking the same thing, not enough time and so many distractions.(Or just plain tired!)

    I've found it useful to take the time I can't paint to think about what I will paint and when that time comes I set at least two hours to focus and "just paint." Your posted work is beautiful by the way.

  2. Beautiful painting!