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Friday, July 08, 2011

Start the Day with Roses

Start the Day with Roses!  7x5 oil on panel
Last night I was scouring the internet for some inspiration.  Do you ever just feel out of sync?  Maybe it's spiritual...I think I need to start reading some morning devotionals again before starting my day.  I have been jumping into painting without doing that mostly to get started before the house gets noisy.  I like quiet.  Anyway, I ran across these podcasts.....they are great and you need to listen to these, guys.  There are a year's worth of them and I have only listened to two, but they are really great, full of inspiration and information too.  So......I am excited to say that I have been wanting to experiment for a while and now feel like I am going to be doing just that.  I don't know about work may look exactly the same but maybe just better??  I have been reading a lot about color theory and will share those thoughts with you in the coming days but for right now, please, if you are in need of some inspiration for your art, click on the link below.  As always, thanks so much for visiting my blog.  Take care!

Sold! :)

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Here's the Podcast Link.

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