Monday, July 11, 2011

Porcelain and Roses

Porcelain and Roses 7x5 oil/panel

Well, I have wandered across another Blog Radio show that I think might be informative.  So I am attaching the link here for anyone that might be interested:  
It is hosted by Kevin MacPherson and Linda Fisler and also looks promising to inspire artists.  I love it!  Today I actually listened to Clint Watson and also Kevin MacPherson on the blog radio program mentioned a few days ago…look for that info below…anyway, both programs were excellent but I’ve decided to listen at lunch or at night though…no more listening while painting. :)

The above link FYI has an article about our current economy which I find interesting…so lest you think you are the only one out there struggling to buy materials, etc., read this article.  Whether you are an artist or not, you might find these articles and radio shows pretty interesting…a look into the mind of an artist.  Take care, and as always, thanks for visiting my blog.  Stay tuned this week because I’d like to show you my color experimentations.  I am learning some things by doing these.  Tomorrow I am painting big! 


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