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Monday, July 18, 2011

Flow Blue

Flow Blue  5x7 oil on panel-Starting bid $50.00
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I have several flow blue dishes.  They are difficult for me to paint..but fun also.  I was a bit happy with this one.  Thank you for visiting my blog!!

I promised to tell you a few things about the Munsell Color Wheel but we went on a long long drive this weekend and got home late last night so I have not had a chance to fully read my book (car sick if I read in the car! Ugh!)  Anyway, if you are interested in the book it's called, 'A Color Notation, an Illustrated System of Defining Color and Their Relationships'.  Purchased very cheaply through!   Honestly though, it's basically about experimenting with compliments other than those we were taught in school.  I am posting some pics of the traditional color wheel as well as that of the Munsell Color Wheel so that you can see the difference.  I am having a lot of fun doing this and am playing with a lot of different colored backgrounds etc.  I plan on posting one of the newer paintings on the site tomorrow night.  

And Here is a couple of pics of the Munsell Color Theory wheels where you can see the compliments are not quite the same.  With this one, you could actually use a turquoise background with a pair of red apples or push it one way or the other.  I find this interesting and a bit hard to put to use.   But it's fun also!  


  1. I really am in love with your paintings and style, you are extremely talented. It's a delight to see your painting each time it's posted at DPW. :) Glad to visit your blog.

  2. Thank you Crystal! I appreciate that so much..