Friday, August 28, 2009

Stargazer Lilies 24x20

I have not painted a large still life for a while.  Haven't painted anything large for a while.  I have been feeling very down about the economy.  When things aren't going the way we plan or think even though we are trying our best, it's difficult to get motivated.  A call from Jim McDonald asking me to join his "art party", talking to my friend Nancy and some other little "God sends" have made me rethink my attitude about the whole thing.  Also helping my friend Eleanor with her blog has made me realize we just have to stay in the saddle and keep trying.  I wasn't all that happy with this painting.  It feels a little cool but it's ok and for a large work in a while I guess I am just happy to have it completed.  I'll see if it is a keeper I guess after the honeymoon is over.
Thanks for looking and tell me what you think.  It's fun to be really painting again and focusing on my art and not on the world!  Thanks Nancy, Eleanor and Jim!

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  1. The stargazer Lilies turned out wonderful. The whole painting reads as a wonderful expressive unit. Don't be hard on your self, God has given you a great gift and talent. We are delighted when you share it with us.