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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Quiet Day on Creek Street

"Quiet Day on Creek Street" 11x14

I have been traveling a lot this spring. I spent a week in Brenham painting the bluebonnets. Then we were in Fredericksburg a week. The first week in May, myself and 5 plein air artists went to Louisiana to paint for a week. It's been fun but now it's time to stay home and get some larger paintings done.

When I did this painting in Fredericksburg, we were having some very touchy weather. Lots of clouds that week so it was pretty much a gray day. Thanks for looking.


  1. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Love what you have been doing lately. You really have a very nice painterly style and your work is luscious. Had fun in Carmel and maybe we can do it again sometime. Charlotte Cox

  2. Hi Judy...I came across your blog while investigating The Bunkhouse Gallery, where I see you will have a workshop coming up in October.  Nancy Medina (Nancy and the Fatties) , Angela Elledge, and several other of us Texas Painters are trying to get a little "Texas Paint-Out" together.  I invite you to visit my blog (I'm in Dripping Springs) and look for me or one of the other painters to contact you.  I have been admiring your work...if you would add a follower button, I will gladly come back and join.

  3. Hi Charlotte, It's been a while. Thanks so much. Yes, Carmel was fun. Hugs to you!! Judy

  4. Hi James, will figure out the followers thing. Thanks for contacting me and will look forward to hearing from you.