Thursday, October 30, 2008

Looking for Peter Rabbit

Painted on a very rainy day in the Lake District, England, this 8x6 painting is typical of the many gardens you see in England. The English love their gardens and for that, I loved being there as I also love flowers. It was rare to find a cottage or home that did not have some kind of color. I loved that. Even though many of the days were rainy which I understand is also very typical of the area, color was still abundant. Since this is where Beatrix Potter lived and worked much of her adult life, I thought this name was fitting.

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White Horse Pub

Hi Everyone,

Well I am finally getting back into the studio after a long absence. I have been out of town a lot in the past 3 weeks. I went to England to paint for two weeks and then went to Dallas last week after my sister flew to Houston. We drove together to my brother's surprise b-day party. He was very surprised. It was a great time but because of all of that, I have been out of pocket a lot. Life is busy. But I have made it back to my studio and am beginning to evaluate my work from both the European trips that I have made this year. After completing a couple of commissions that I have in the works, I will be working on some larger paintings from the trips to France and England. I am excited just thinking about that. This particular study (6x8) was done on our first day of painting there. We were in Shere, in Surrey Shire, just south of London. We stayed at the Rookery Nook B and B. A really sweet couple own it and if you are ever in that part of England, I would recommend staying there. This pub, "The White Horse Pub" was the setting for the movie "The Holiday" starring Cameron Diaz. We had dinner there that evening also. Fun.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Spring Basket 10x8

Hi Everyone,

Well I am home from England and it was a great trip. Many many thanks to my friend Johnyne Rees and her sweet husband Tom for making this trip possible! We painted in the Cotswolds a week and then went to the Lake District. We spent one day photographing in Scotland so the trip was very productive and I will be posting some of those works later. Even though it rained many of the days we were there, we still were able to paint quite a bit. I had plans to put up one of the paintings I did today, however, I cannot put my hands on my camera cord to upload my photos. I know it's around here somewhere but until I find it, I will have to post some older paintings. Well, I had intended to post this one anyway, so here it is. Spring Basket is a very nice little painting that is in a french frame. I would like to sell the framed painting for just 350.00. That is a steal, so if you are interested just email me at or you can purchase safely and securely through paypal. Just follow the prompts.

Thank you for looking !!

"Spring Basket" 10x8 oil on panel
$350.00 framed study

Framed or unframed

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Gettin Outta Dodge!!!

Okay, that's not the name of these paintings!! But I am gettin outta dodge (or Spring) today. I am leaving for Merry Ole England and won't be home until October 17 and so won't be posting most likely (unless I can find a friendly internet cafe) until October 20th or so. Please stay tuned to see some of the work that I do in the Cotswolds (where Beatrix Potter lived and where Thomas Kinkade loved to paint), the Lake District, and Scotland. I plan to drink one bottle of Scotland brew. Not a lot, just one. See you all soon. Blessings! Judy

"Afternoon in Lukenbach" 8x10 oil on linen panel
"Old Town Afternoon" 9x12 oil on linen panel