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Friday, August 15, 2008

Heart of Provence

After my workshop in Provence this May, I stayed to paint for two weeks. Everyone had gone. I rented a car and tootled around the countryside, got lost a couple of times and almost was run over by a few irritated French drivers. But... I did run across some really beautiful landscapes. This is a vineyard that I drove past one day during the brief time when it was a little sunny near a town called Gordes. In the painting, the field of blue is more violet. I still need to work on my photo skills. Thanks for looking. I have this painting at my studio right now but will send the pic to my gallery in Santa Fe to see if they would like to have it. If anyone out there in internet land is interested, please contact me via email or phone.
"The Heart Of Provence" 16x20 studio painting oil on stretched linen This painting is SOLD, please check back for future paintings of Provence.

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